Exterior Painting

Does Your Home Need Exterior Painting?

Even if you’re a DIY kind of person, painting the exterior of your home may be harder than you think. It’s not as simple as choosing a nice color, getting a ladder and slapping on the paint.

So, you might consider a professional company that can handle this task for you. Otherwise, it might take you around 15 years to finish painting your house.

 Pressure washing house before paint job

The first thing we do is to wash the exterior surface. A thorough scrubbing is needed to make sure that all the dirt, mildew, and paint residues are completely removed or the new paint won’t adhere. However, we’re still not ready to paint. We’ll need to scrap the old paint by hand and then sand as well.

No matter how careful we are, most probably there will be some cracks and dents or some rots to repair. And we will take care of those as well. After all, we want your home to look absolutely perfect.

Exterior paint preparation

Before we apply the paint, we will use a prime. A prime has the very important job to penetrate and seal. And this will make the surface be perfect so the top coats can stick to.

And now, it’s finally time to paint. We will choose not only the best colors according to your personal taste as well as to make your house perfectly involved with the surroundings.


By hiring our company, we will provide you with the best materials. And the entire process is to make sure that your home will look better than ever.

ExteriorHousePaintPrepThe best thing you can do is to ask us for a detailed written proposal, where we will include exactly how much it will cost you as well as how much time it will take. And there are two things we don’t tolerate: over-budgeting and delays. So, the cost and time you get on the proposal are the most accurate ones.

As soon as we get a deal, we will make sure we prepare your home exterior. In case you have a garden, your plants will be protected; if you have a pool, we’ll make sure it remains untouched; etc.

As soon as all the painting is done, we will remove everything we brought, clean it up, and you’ll have your home more beautiful than ever, on the expected day, within budget.

So, make sure to contact us today! We’ll be glad to help you.

Interior Painting

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