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Looking For an Interior Painting Job?

If you’re planning on painting your entire house or simply one room, you need a professional team to handle the job for you.

Changes are good and just choosing a different color for a room can put a smile on your face. Most probably you already know the color you want to use. However, seeing the color on the can or seeing it on your wall are two completely different things. We know colors and we know if they will suit you or not. We don’t only look at the color of the wall; we also look at the light the room has, to see if it will look good; as well as, to match any furniture or decoration you might already have.

When you hire us for our paint services, we don’t only help you decide on the color and paint your walls. We will make sure we protect everything in your house, and after the job is done we will clean everything up again.  We have our own homes and we want to leave your house how we found it.

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With so many different companies on the market, why should you choose us?


#1: Save Time:

We take care of the entire project, from the beginning until the end, within the deadline. Yes, we know it’s hard to be in your house when people are painting or doing any other maintenance tasks. This is why that we will provide you with a definitive deadline… and we keep it!


#2: Upfront Pricing:

You will know exactly how much you’ll pay us upfront. There are no hidden costs and we won’t charge you any extra that wasn’t included on our initial proposal.

#3: Color Consult:

 As professional painters, we know what colors work best and the ones that just don’t work. We look at your surroundings, at your furniture, decoration, and we listen to your opinion. We then consider the light that the room has and help you decide on the best color option.

 #4: Flexible & Reliable:

Our professional team is very flexible. We can work more hours a day if you need to have your home painted sooner. And you can count with reliability. As soon as we reach a deal, you can be sure we will keep our word.

 #5: Communication:

Good communication is a crucial part of any job. However, when you hire a team of painters to work inside your home, communication is even more important. And this is why we make sure we keep you informed every step of the way.


So, what are you waiting for? Contact Paint Green USA and get our proposal. You know you can count on us!

Exterior Painting
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